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Israel is a vibrant, exciting place—a hub for technology, global politics, world religion, culture, and so much more. Vacation time can be hard to come by, and Honeymoon Israel lets you make the most of that time together with your partner. 

Not only is Israel a beautiful Mediterranean destination on par with popular honeymoon destinations, it is a powerful, amazing place to think about questions of religion and identity—no matter what your own views on Israel or connection to Judaism. If you’re Jewish, you’ll get a new perspective on your identity and what it means to you as a couple. If you’re part of an interfaith couple, you’ll have an opportunity for shared experiences and meaningful conversations about religion and the role of Jewish values and traditions in your family. 

Couples who come on Honeymoon Israel often cite the opportunity to explore their connection to Judaism and the Jewish community and to figure out how to build their own family traditions. Israel has plenty of examples for how individuals, families, and society can integrate diverse cultural and spiritual identities.

No matter your background, you’ll leave Israel asking more questions than you came with and develop a stronger shared sense of your relationship with each other, and with the Jewish faith and community. 

There is nothing more rewarding than experiencing Israel with the one you love. Learn more about the Honeymoon Israel experience.

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