Coronavirus (COVID-19): Important Update on HMI Operations

Honeymoon Israel is a completely inclusive program and aims to reflect the diversity of your local community. We’re aiming for a good mix of people on every trip—some Jewish/Jewish couples, some interfaith couples, some with kids, some without—but everyone will be around your age thinking about the same questions of family, identity, and life. Honeymoon Israel seeks to engage with couples that do not have a strong prior connection to the Jewish community. Ideal applicants are searching for the ways in which they want to incorporate Judaism in their relationships, family and home. 

  • Couples should be committed and/or married life partners between ages 25-40 (at least one partner must be between 25-40 at the time of the trip, and neither partner over 45 years old)
  • If married, couples must be within first five (5) years of marriage (or very close to it!)
  • At least one partner must be Jewish. We define that broadly—if you have at least one Jewish parent or grandparent, that counts.
  • At least one partner must have no prior organized Israel experience on a post high school Jewish peer trip (i.e. if both partners have been on Birthright or a MASA program, you are ineligible)
  • We particularly welcome participants of diverse backgrounds, including interfaith couples and LGBTQ couples.
  • One of our goals is to create a fulfilling, welcoming experience for people without strong Jewish connections. There are no rules about how “Jewish” you need to be to participate.
  • Trips are organized locally in different cities around North America, so you’ll be traveling with other couples from your community. You must be a resident of the city/area from which the trip is based. Please note that each Honeymoon Israel city has a select geographic catchment area.

We love children, but we can’t include them on our trips. Couples with children are still welcome to apply, if you are able to leave them at home while you travel.

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