Coronavirus (COVID-19): Important Update on HMI Operations

On Honeymoon Israel, you and 20 other couples will spend nine days hitting the best tourist spots—the Western Wall, Jerusalem’s Old City, the beaches of Tel Aviv—as well as unique experiences you wouldn’t get on a standard vacation, like meals with local families and meetings with high-level public officials and business leaders. You'll also have time alone with your partner to explore.

Local Partners

Trips are organized locally, so you’ll be traveling with other couples from your community. In every Honeymoon Israel community, we work with local partners who are integral to the experience. Our local partners are senior educators and community workers who share our vision and values. They live and work in your community and will be available to you before, during and after the trip.

The Application Process

All eligible couples are encouraged to apply. You and your partner will complete a written application and interview with a local partner in your home community. We want to know about your background and why you’re interested in the Honeymoon Israel experience, as well as your current connection to Jewish life. 

If you’ve been accepted, you’ll hear from us at least four months before the trip departs. If you are eligible but there’s no room on an upcoming trip, we’ll add you to our wait list, and we encourage you to apply again. We’re planning to run a trip every year from each participating community. 

If your city is not currently running a trip, don’t worry! We’re adding new cities and new trips every year. 

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