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  • “Now it's real, it's something we can picture, something we've touched and experienced. It's unexplainable.”
    Andrew & Rebecca Atlanta, Georgia
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  • “Feeling that connection was something that really struck me personally.”
    Scott & Hilah Atlanta, Georgia
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  • “Being here with my husband has been a gift. It has brought us closer together. ”
    Joseph & Amanda Atlanta, Georgia
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  • “An amazing journey of both historical locations and modern, and in-depth interaction with the current political culture of Israel and its impact within the world.”
    Marlena & John Los Angeles, California
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  • “It was so amazing to experience Honeymoon Israel with my husband and it really strengthened our marriage.”
    April & Ryan Atlanta, Georgia
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  • “Experiencing [Israel] with my wife and the folks we met through HMI proved one of the focal memories of my life.”
    Dan & Perry Washington, District of Columbia
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  • “Experiencing Israel with my husband for his first trip was like seeing it for the first time myself.”
    Barrie & Brendan Phoenix, Arizona
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  • “It was so important to both of us that he feel welcomed into my Jewish 'family,' and after our experience with Honeymoon Israel, we now have that!”
    Kendra & Jason Denver, Colorado
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  • “For me, my Judaism has been renewed, and for Michelle, her interest in the history and culture has been sparked.”
    Michelle & Scott Phoenix, Arizona
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