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Honeymoon Israel hopes to turn newlyweds on to Jewish family life

A honeymoon in Israel – what could be more romantic? A new program brings couples to Israel hoping to inspire them to build their families on a foundation of Jewish identity. 
TLV1 | Nov 4, 2014 

Launching Honeymoon Israel

Honeymoon Israel is offering young couples a way in: immersive group travel to Israel that lets couples encounter and explore history, tradition, and identity together, on their own terms.
eJewish Philanthropy | Nov 3, 2014 

Birthright Honeymoons To Israel Are Now A Thing

Honeymoon Israel hopes to bring North American newlyweds on a near fully subsidized trip to Israel to help keep the Jewish faith alive 
ShalomLife | Oct 31, 2014 

Honeymoon program will bring Jewish newlyweds to Israel on subsidized trips

Taglit-inspired trips will be open to straight, gay couples as well as Jewish-Jewish and interfaith couples
i24News | Oct 31, 2014 

Birthright for honeymooners: New program seeks to bring Jewish newlyweds to Israel on heavily discounted trips

Inspired by Taglit-Birthright’s free trips to Israel for college students, a brand new program will bring Jewish newlyweds from North America on heavily subsidized honeymoons to the Holy Land. 
Haaretz | Oct 30, 2014

Phoenix selected for Honeymoon Israel pilot program

Valley Beit Midrash has been selected as a partner to pilot a new national initiative, Honeymoon Israel, which will bring 20 Phoenix couples, ages 20-45, on a trip to Israel.
Jewish News | Oct 29, 2014

Honeymoon Israel: Birthright For Young Marrieds

As they make the journey from “I” to “we,” couples begin to think about the meaning of family, how they will raise their children and the kind of Jewish life they want to live.
The Jewish Week | July 1, 2014 


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