Coronavirus (COVID-19): Important Update on HMI Operations

Our vision is that every committed couple with at least one Jewish partner will possess the basic knowledge, inspiration, support system, and sense of belonging to build a family with meaningful connections to Jewish life and the Jewish people, thereby enhancing and strengthening the Jewish community.

For many young couples, there is no “easy way in” to Jewish life. There’s a gap in appealing programming for Jewish people in their early adult lives. Programs like Birthright have been powerful for engaging college students, and we have many initiatives for reaching out to families. What happens in between? How can we better engage Jewish couples in the critical years when they are in permanent relationships and deciding how they want to shape their lives and raise their children? 

Honeymoon Israel engages couples in an open-ended inquiry into how they connect to the Jewish people and how they will incorporate Jewish values and traditions into their families. The program does not have a specific agenda or prescription for this, but rather seeks to support couples in their own exploration and to foster the organic development of community. Honeymoon Israel offers young Jewish couples a way in: immersive group travel to Israel that lets couples encounter and explore history, tradition and identity together, on their own terms. 

Honeymoon Israel is a completely inclusive organization - we welcome Jewish/Jewish, interfaith and LGBTQ couples.

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